“you need to see your primary doctor RIGHT NOW”

No I don’t. But I couldn’t convince the person doing our free health screenings that my blood pressure is not normally 140/100. Under normal circumstances, I’m virtually always 120/80. Current workload, which caused me to miss my 12:30 screening appt and rush in at 1:20 before my next meeting after a week of 12 hour days, is not normal. Well, it hasn’t been normal. Given up updated workload for the year, for project goals to be met, 12hr days would be on the low end of what’s needed.

One of the consultants found a bunch of errors in one of my approved docs (which shows how thorough the approvers read things) and I need to incorporate those corrections immediately in order to get the doc re-routing tonight.

I plan to leave by 6 and go to the gym tonight. It’s entirely possible that I’ll end up abandoning that goal as it causes more stress than the work.

Brand new high-level employee is being waaaaay too “proactive” for how new they are. I realized it’s the newbie “gotta prove myself” mentality. Having started a billionty jobs throughout my life (temp/contractor), I know it’s better to shut up, pay attention, and LEARN before trying to be proactive. They’re also an aggressive close-talker who wouldn’t even allow me to show them things (the whole reason I was there) due to their non-stop “proactive” questions (all of which were irrelevant and they never did get the relevant info that I was trying to convey).

Bad juju: My cute badge holder broke. Good juju: It broke in my purse so I was able to find the missing piece and glue it back together.

Good juju: PCB might have tried to cuddle with me this morning. Might. She also might have just been trying to get up to the pillow to attack Boo. Hard to say. She’s started requesting attention in the bathroom. I have learned that if she’s in the cat tree, that automatically means FIGHT CLUB.

I lost my train of thought again…

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Good jujus

  • I got out of the office before the Finance team (but their nightly OT will end before mine)
  • Kitties are well
  • I saw BW2 this morning
  • I realized the car tire actually started stripping 2 to 9 days ago (I remember hearing something repeatedly hitting the wheel well but I don’t remember when it was)
  • I didn’t die on the way to work (a paranoia)
  • I didn’t die
  • I can cover the unexpected expense
  • I have enough vodka for 1 drink (currently consuming)
  • I have a “backup” pc at home
  • I got a lot done while at the tire shop
  • I’m not on target at work but it’s temporarily under control
  • No bosses in the office till Friday
  • I “Fabuloso-ed” the ants
  • Kitties are well (deserves 2+ mentions)
  • I’m wasn’t sick today; should be okay tomorrow
  • “roughly 50k” is a good number for remembering when car service was done
  • My car isn’t supposed to need a major tuneup till 120k?? (per the tire shop)
  • Even though the shop didn’t mention it, I know that I’m suppose to tell future tire peeps that mine have nitrogen or nitrous or neutrogena or some such
  • I have AAA
  • We have a really really really good new (contract) employee on our team. I want her hired for specifically MY team.
  • There was a cute baby at the tire shop
  • The tire shop had 2 geckos and 1 iguana. the Iguana was shedding and eating its molted skin, which I know they do but I was still amused.
  • I might… might… make it to the gym tomorrow.
  • Kitties
  • In the 13 months that I’ve had this job (contract and perm):
    1. I got Beba
    2. I got a nicer car
    3. My chronic all-over joint pain seems to have disappeared
    4. I had no unexplained Feb/Mar/Apr hive outbreaks
    5. I had fleeting moments of enjoying my job
    6. My superior jobs skills have been reaffirmed
    7. I’ve been able to cover the redonk amount of major unexpected expenses
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Bad jujus

  • Another 11 hr day
  • sucky 8-10p dj is back on KCRW (I think he was on vacation)
  • Wireless mouse (home computer) died overnight and I have no spare batteries
  • Having to use notebook pc which has a major attitude about being online
  • Cell phone mostly dead and charger is acting “sketchy” – no predictability as to whether cell will charge or be dead in the morning
  • Ant invasion in bathroom; no idea what they’re after
  • I forgot it’s watering night – some plants might not get water till Sat
  • In the 13 months that I’ve had this job (contract and perm):
    1. I’ve had multiple major car repairs
    2. I’ve been towed 5 times
    3. Trump
    4. I’ve had multiple major unexpected vet bills
    5. 3 of my cats died; all primary cats
    6. My car died and I’ve taken on car payments for a replacement
    7. My car insurance doubled
    8. My credit rating went down
    9. My home has turned into even more of a pig stye
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Is this juju bad or good?

Car notified me of tire rapidly losing pressure on drive to work.

Do I have bad juju because of the random tire puncture/rupture? Or good juju because the car notified me?

Currently waiting for AAA to tow me to someplace to get the tire replaced/fixed. Already had 4 tows this year so this one cost $60, not including cost of tire. But I’m going back to the place where the Corolla was taken when it died. Good shop; slow service. I don’t have time to be out of the office today.

ah-haaa… good juju: I called the repair shop, since I know repair shops don’t usually have tires, and they don’t. There’s a tire shop just a couple blocks from work with my tires in stock. Bad juju: If I’d known the shop was there I could have turned right, instead of left to the office, and avoided the tow. As it is, I could hear the tire deflating so I don’t think it’s safe to drive the few blocks back.

Tires will be $100-$120/each (don’t know if I just need the 1 or will do more) plus install and tax.


Bad juju: All 4 tires are disintegrating. Good juju: “You’re lucky only 1 burst”. Good juju: Getting an overpriced checkup/oil change so long as I’m here. Good juju: out of the office

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In no particular order

  • Didn’t work this weekend – but only because I got sick.
  • I think I’m sort of caught up today – but I’ve only put in 8 hrs (so far) so don’t tell anyone or they’ll find more for me to do!
  • There’s already more to do… I just think I found a little window to “rest”
  • I no longer have any cuddle kitties. It sucks that all the affectionate kitties are the ones who died. I thought others would step up to take the open lap & cuddling but it hasn’t worked out that way.
  • Haven’t seen BW2 in a few days
  • Tried a great new microbrewery on Sat. Absolution. Loved everything about it!
  • Also tried a horrid new microbrewery, with a horrid name (“Schlob”) in the same complex. Left without finishing even 1 beer.
  • Got overwhelmed in Sketchers’ main outlet store… toooo many shoes!! And because 99.9% of stock was current, the discounts sucked (usually just $10.01).
  • The outlet that used to be by my house (now closed) featured prior year and imperfects so the discounts were usually > 50%.
  • I still ended up with a pair of work sandals (wearing them today; roughly $45); workout shoes with really good support ($35 after 50% off); and really obnoxious rhinestone workout shoes ($66 after 30% off, which was still over priced [esp when the soles don’t light up!] but I knew I’d think about them all the time if I didn’t get them).
  • No gym again tonight. I could squeeze in a short workout if I left RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE but I don’t want the stress and I’m actually waiting for a doc someone is supposed to be completing “any minute now”, so I can review it before tomorrow morning.
  • I bought smoked brisket from a local shop. I was thinking “BBQ brisket”. They’re not the same thing and I’m disappointed.
  • Stopped at the little handmade ice cream shop a couple doors away from the smoked meat place and suggested they offer a “taster” option, since virtually everyone tries virtually every flavor (about 12) and they don’t make any money off it (and they waste all those biodegradable spoons, which surely are not cheap.). On my way out the door, 2 other women said the exact same thing! But I doubt they’ll do it. Too bad… I don’t stop for ice cream often but I’d totally stop if I could get a “flight” of half or all of the current flavors!
  • I played “ice cream tender surprise” and let her pick the flavors, which freaked her out. They’re all good so I was disappointed when she gave me the 2 “generic” flavors (“whiskey vanilla” and “huckleberry finn”… basically vanilla and berry/vanilla).
  • I took my ice cream outside to eat because it was such a nice day. Except I wasn’t counting on a steady cold breeze which made being outside sucky – but I still refused to leave the sunshine.
  • The kitties enjoyed lots of outdoor time over the weekend – including on Sun when I took a cold pill and fell asleep without remembering to close the door to the backyard. Fortunately, no one escaped.
  • I remember almost nothing about Sat night… probably because I wasn’t drinking (and the cold was already hitting).
  • I’m better today, thanks to loads of prescription antihistamines yesterday and OTC today.
  • oh, different (unexpected) work came in. gotta go!


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Only 9.5 today

.. but only because I plan to work from home all weekend. And OT all next week.

I might get caught up because 4 of the 6 required approvers, including the person who yelled about approvals needing to happen next week, will be out of the office next Mon-Thu.

It will be HELL when they return… giving me 1 day to do about 5 days of work… but I’ll worry about that next Friday.

For now, out before 10 = awesome!

Note to self: You didn’t eat again. Take home food before it’s throw away!

oh, FML… the ONE friday that they dumped the fridge early. I lost 2 perfectly good/sealed $7 meals. If I didn’t know they dumped the trash can too, I’d be fishing them out!

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9:15pm Thurs

I just finished up for the day… 11.5 hrs, no breaks. I’m scarfing some dinner then heading home.

Got a LOT done today. Unfortunately, only about an hour or two was on my “primary” project.

I feel bad that Boo was out till after 11p last night. She stayed indoors today. PCB was inside all day yesterday and again today.

Had “fun” (facetious) experience last night when my anxiety was ramping up, making it impossible to relax and sleep… then I couldn’t find my anti-anxiety pills. Talk about immediate anxiety escalation! After checking the bedroom, bathroom, and bathroom cabinet about 50x each, I finally remembered that they were in my purse. Ahhh. Still took over an hour to get to sleep.. 2am-ish? I don’t know.

WIDE AWAKE at 8a, thinking about work, so I was on the road before 9a and got to work at 9:45 (I usually get in between 10a and 10:20a).

Yoga was postponed by the instructor, so I didn’t have to feel bad about missing another class. I signed up for a 10-session ‘class pass’ for the office gym.. will probably only use it for yoga but I can also drop in to pilates, boot-camp, or group circuit training (most are offered during he day which I find too inconvenient).

Sent 2 message to my trainer yesterday but got no response. Very VERY unusual. I should probably check fb tonight to see if I’ve missed something.

Wow… just got work emails.. at 9:20pm! Guess it’s going to be a 12-hr work day after all!


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