Share Your World, Week 21

As usual, gakked from Cee.

What is your favorite go to beverage? ¬†Water, coffee, tea, coke, soda (non-alcoholic) Water with Dasani kiwi/strawberry flavor drops. Apparently has to be Dasani drops – I tried another brand but they taste like really overly sweetened kool-aid. If I’m at a restaurant: water or iced tea (NO sweetener!)

Can you change a car tire? Do I have the knowledge? Yes. Do I have the strength? I don’t know. I know how to call AAA and have them do it!

Are you a listener or talker? Talker!

Would you rather have no internet or no cell phone? No cell phone!!

Bonus question: ¬†What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? Grateful for: BW2 stopping by & eating; getting Adam to come out from under the house instead of fighting the raccoon; bosses being too busy to be in people’s hair; yoga class; wordpress display working again; breaking through anxiety to “I don’t care anymore!” Looking forward to: Burlesque class (tomorrow); a week with no bosses; work holiday (30th).

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Partial ID on the cat vomit

… is a horrible name for a post but an interesting name for a band.

On.. Thurs?… the vomit had dried enough (yes, I was keeping it around to see what it look like dehydrated) for me to maaaaybe ID the freeze-dried cod chunks that none of the cats would eat when I bought them several months ago. And the next day, there was a piece of it by the sofa (definitely not there the night before). I thought I threw them away. Apparently not. I haven’t found the bag but I guess Boo did. So that’s.. good?.. didn’t digest but at least it’s “real food”. As for the rest.. still seems like apple.

I was ready to visit the shelter to look for BW2 but they post found animals online and he wasn’t in the pics (but, my gawd… the kitten who looks like Moshi is killlling me!!). So that was good news.. but still stressful that I hadn’t seen him in over a week and he didn’t respond when I called for him. Fortunately, he showed up last night and ate a bunch of food. And repeated it today. So I feel better.

I hadn’t planned to do any drankin today but a short trip to Target (cat supplies and wall clock #3) changed that and I headed to the microbrewery. That worked out great as I arrived before the band started (they’re generally good it’s just too noisy for me), I got a barstool, the person next to me was cool, and the food truck was “Waffles Oh” so I was able to have a waffle with berries & whipped cream after I’d waken up craving pancakes with boysenberry. Craving solved, nice time, and back home by 4 for a nap. Should have been vacuuming but… no, nap!

Not much else going on… I’m happily low stress (bosses out next week), the kitties seem well (and I got them inside early), and I accomplished .. 80%.. of my chores.

I got turned on to Jeff Jeffries last week. Watched his 2014 special and learned of (cancelled) his series, Legit. Loving it!!

And I guess that sums up my weekend.


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The marble/glass icing recipe

for those super cool “galaxy” cakes

marble cake icing recipe.png

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Seriously, what IS this?

sorry if it’s too gross for anyone but it seems pretty not-gross, just confusing, to me.

WHAT DID BOO VOMIT?? The black hairs were after the fact. The texture is “slightly dehydrated mashed apples”. The texture of the white parts is slightly, but not significantly, different. It pretty much came up as one mass… broken apart by me.


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First time I’ve had the yoga “experience”

My stress level dropped soooooo much during last night’s yoga class!! I’m sure the 6hr day (vs 9 to 13, which is the current routine) didn’t hurt either but it was funny to recognize how completely my anxiety had left.

Unfortunately, I think I had an allergic reaction to the selected end-of-class aromatherapy as I developed a serious post-nasal drip, which rapidly turned to coughing & vomiting/dry-heaving for another hour or so. At home, it was itchy eyes, then feet, then lips… so even though I’d taken a T3, I decided I needed a prescription antihistamine too. Didn’t like the idea of combining meds but there was no other way I was going to sleep.

To be fair, the allergic reaction is pretty much my exact “annual” reaction (which usually happens in Feb/Mar), it could have been caused by the reduced anxiety… like the reduction in stress hormones allowed the histamines to show up. I dunno. My body is weird. I just know I still have itchy eyes today and that’s not good. But, given the stress this job has been putting me under, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit sad to end up out of the office due to ER-level allergic reaction.

I planned to avoid all upper mgmt today, knowing they had the last day of audit and are off site all next week. But, NOPE – audit ended early and they’re out & about today (someone said mgmt might be offsite for some sort of “we passed” celebration but, really, shouldn’t “we passed” be the EXPECTED result and not worthy of celebration?!?!).

Coworker is being a prick again. They’ve know been nicknamed the name of the former top-prick employee in their dept, who was “laid off” months ago… and they should be prepared for the same potential fate as I’ve heard it was already considered more than once.

I haven’t seen or heard BW2 for days. I’m quite worried about him. I hope I get a visit this weekend!

Oh… I hear work potentially coming my way. Gotta go!

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ICYMI: Helium Beer


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There can be sooo much satisfaction when instict proves to be right

Major problem for my project but major contentment for me. Bosses/coworkers always refuse to accept “because I can just feel it” as reason to trust my predictions even though >90% of the time they’re dead accurate. I understand the initial reluctance but you think they’d catch on after awhile. They never do.

Boo barfed something usual last night and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is/was. She wasn’t outside. There was no non-pet food in the house. Trash was dumped outside. What came up was distinctly yellow (all their cat food is brown) with defined bright-white sections… most similar to a mangled chunk brie cheese with a rind. But the texture is more like mashed apples. Definitely not fur. I seriously can’t figure it out. I’ve never known her to eat non-food. She didn’t seem sick at all. Was it something she ate while outside on Tues? Before that? Something in the house? WHAT IS IT?!?

After a string of emails escalated yesterday, I called a meeting to have a live discussion about it and joked that I wouldn’t come to work till just before the meeting so I couldn’t be attacked before the meeting. But today I woke up and didn’t want to come to work so I went back to bed for an extra hour+ and really didn’t show up till just before the meeting. I knew I didn’t have any work to do anyway.

I’m going to yoga class tonight too. After weeks of 9 to 13 hr days, I’m taking a 5.5 hr day today.

PCB hopped onto the bed, cuddled, AND PURRED this morning. She’s clearly trying to lull me into a false sense of security before she kills me.

The new wall clock that I bought on Tues has already quit working. Granted, it was cheap… but I still expected it to work for more than 24 hours. I dread another trip to Target to return it… esp since I never got my email receipt, and they don’t give on on pickup, so I have no idea if I can even prove that I bought it.

Maybe the clocks aren’t bad – maybe it’s the bathroom.

did ya see these cakes trending last week? Sooo pretty! I downloaded the icing recipe so comment if you want it.

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