$154 worth of “meh”

Well, I enjoyed the acrobatics (though they’re not nearly at the level of Cirque du Soliel). And I enjoyed some the super tricky stunt riding (hanging sideways across the horse’s body, head by the ground, with NO HANDS or feet gripping anything). What I really enjoyed were the “rogue” horses that refused to follow the plan!!

I didn’t see a cohesive “plot” or theme. Maybe a lot of vignettes. But I didn’t get a program so I dunno if maybe there was a plot/theme that I missed.

Wow… wiki says: “Cavalia summarizes the show as depicting ‘horses and humans leaving together to meet a world between dream and reality by traveling through the great wonders that nature has offered, deserts, waterfalls, canyons and glaciers.'” REALLY did not get that. I got “here’s some scenic background. Here’s different scenic background…”

But without having experience in training horses, there was a lot to Cavalia that I wasn’t able to adequately appreciate. Portions of the audience, clearly horse people, would be oooohing and aaahhhing and I’d think, “what?” (reminded me of attending a modern dance performance.. where, again, the audience would see things that I did not). So, I’m glad I went but I don’t imagine I’ll ever go again.

A woman behind us, amazed by EVERYTHING, was a lot of fun. She kept saying “OMG – HOW ARE THEY DOING THAT?” to the most simple of “effects”.. such as a big backdrop screen, with people riding horses over a ramp/hill in front of the screen. She could not figure out where the horses were coming from (magic!!).

So, that was that.

I’m super sore today (still from Monday’s workout) and completely dreading the gym tonight. I’d skip it but I can feel that it’s very likely that I’d never ever go back, so I need to FORCE myself to go tonight.

Kitties are well. Boo is still not her old self but she seems generally okay (I dunno anymore) and I suspect she’s never going to return to her prior personality & behavior, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Because Toyota announced that it’s discontinuing Scion, I learned that Scion is a branch of Toyota – so I started looking at used Scions, which are WAY cheaper than Toyotas. There’s a nice looking coupe that keeps attracting my eye (FR-S in “hot lava”). I saw one on the web today; nearly identical to one I eyed in a local dealership months ago. I really don’t care for coupes (too hard to access the back seats) but why pay to haul a lot of empty space (SUV/Crossover) just to be sitting up high (for those heavy rains which haven’t materialized; “hauling empty space” was a pet peeve when I owned a truck) – especially when I don’t plan to keep it forever (though, realistically, I will)?? Doesn’t really matter as I’m still just window shopping.

Yesterday I was researching aspirin allergies and learned that I *might* be able to take Celebrex for pain, even though it’s an NSAID. I was already thinking of asking to try it (since my allergies are not, usually, immediate reaction or life threatening)… it’s supposed to be really good for joint pain with minimal side effects So that’s really good news!! I also ordered a TENS unit, hoping I can electro-stimulate some of the pain away. If it works, I’ll get one for my trainer as he has serious back problems.

Haven’t heard back on my email request for a tax appt, which is SUPER ANNOYING to me. I’m considering a download of TurboTax to see how that works out.. $44 doesn’t seem like much of an investment to check it out. Anyone use it?

and I guess that’s all i’ve got to “brain dump” this morning.



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Remember how I SPECIFICALLY did not order business cards because of the waste? I just got a box of 500 (1,000??) business cards, with the new logo, which I DID NOT REQUEST.


and in related news: OTHER FUCKING IDIOTS ABOUND… but I won’t detail as they might see this and anyone who has a job can fill in the details with their own experiences.

Update: Please don’t let me buy anything non-Prime on Amazon ever EVER again. Besides being less maddening, it would have been cheaper to KEEP the POS item.

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I totally regret working out last night

It was hell. EVERYTHING hurt, physically, which led to emotional pain – especially when the trainer started retelling about taking a neurologically ill puppy to be put down… dang, I almost started crying again.

I was in incredible pain while driving home. But, surprisingly, woke up feeling okay. That ended during the drive to work. I should have brought my knee brace – especially since I was super late, and we have employees from all over the world here, which meant I had to park in the back and take the stairs. 26 stairs (I think).. I managed 2 steps, then pause, then 2, then pause. DON’T GET OLD!!

A highlight of last night was the Dolph Lundgren look-alike. I guess he’s usually a morning trainer. Somehow, no one else saw the resemblance till I pointed it out. Weird.

I let myself sleep in super late because… fuck it, the cats and I were comfy and I knew I didn’t have any work waiting for me (I’m watching the “Talking Kitty Cat” series on YouTube).

Last night Boo scarfed, but didn’t barfed, wet food so that was a HUGE win! She wanted outside this morning (another win) so today’s arrangement ended up being her outside and PCB inside.

It’s soooo hot this week! And predicted to be so through most of next week. At least that provides me with another nice weekend to blow off taking some kind of day cruise (I found pics from going on Feb 12, 2 years ago – so it seems this is typically a warm weekend).

I’m seeing Cavalia tonight. Many thanks to Jim (IRL friend) for his posts about it. It’s taking all my strength not to preview “merry go round” on youtube.

Man, I meant to bring a book today. So bummed I forgot it. Wouldn’t be so bad if 80% of the interwebs wasn’t blocked but it is – so I’m boooooored.

almost forgot


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Share your world, Week 6

from Cee

  1. What is your favorite word? Do I have a favorite word? I can’t think of one right now.
  2. What is your least favorite word? Shhhhh
  3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? “odd” people; 80s music; some techno music; live shows; kitty cuddles
  4. What turns you off? bigotry; being treated as stupid
  5. What is your favorite curse word? FUCK… or the C-word
  6. What sound or noise do you love? kittys’ purring or sleeping; birds; wind chimes; ocean waves;
  7. What sound or noise do you hate? VACUUMS!!; leaf blowers; cell phones so loud that i can hear them inside my house; cars with stereos so loud that the car bumpers (and my house windows) are rattling;
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Independent philanthropist; Cirque performer
  9. What profession would you not like to do? Most of them
  10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Joel and your kitties have been waiting for you!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Grateful: No kitties died; I took the week off from the gym. Looking forward to: Nothing in particular.


Not much going on today. Nor yesterday. Errand running went bad almost immediately (an a-hole on the road reminded me why I can’t own a gun – cause I would have used it) so I got my hair products, booze, and food then went back home and spent the rest of the day drinkin’ and nappin’.

Boo seems the same today.. whatever that means. Showed interest in food but didn’t eat any. Went outside for a little while. PCB wanted out (then in; out; in; out) so I brought Boo back inside, under the theory that PCB has been tormenting Boo (she’s been tormenting EVERYONE) and that’s why Boo has been odd. I dunno… just a theory… I’m going to attempt keeping them apart while I’m at work see how it pans out.

another theory is that I’ll go to the gym tonight. I really don’t miss it. But I miss my trainer… and he has “stuff to tell” me.

Continuing to love MyFitFoods, which are great for portion and calorie control – and ease of prep (microwave or skillet and… done). Plus the guy who works there is nice. I just had 2 “pollo adobo tacos”.. 300 cal.. and I’m stuffed. I think I brought “besto pesto chicken” (my fav meal so far) in case I’m hungry again before leaving work.

Out of boredom, I was pricing cars and found a GREAT deal on a really nice Toyota Rav4 (2012; really low mileage; $15,000… $3,400 below market). I should probably jump on it but I’m not ready to buy… despite how much I missed having a working driver-side window over the HOT weekend (though it might have been good juju as the road rager couldn’t do more than yell at me).

I had a lot of weird dreams again – including AdamAnt being a horrible driver and a beagle (dog) giving us proper directions.

regarding my previous post: seriously, if you have fb then click that link at the bottom of the post. it might even work if you don’t have fb… I dunno… it cracks me up SO HARD!!

and on that note…


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gawd i hope this code works.. I keep re-watching it and laughing harder. What’s Gibson’s deal!?!?!?

link to the highly edited, but funnier, version on facebook

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No UTI for Boo

but also no diagnosis. the antibiotic shot should still be working and the vet couldn’t find anything wrong, so she didn’t want to add anything – except pain meds. and i’m adding (with vet’s approval) pepcid, in the theory that Boo’s barfing is caused by GERD. So, we’ll see. She’s still just sticking to her spot on the bed – no desire to go outside – and grumpy if I touch her in the “wrong” spots.

I woke up early (WHY DON’T I SLEEP LATE ON WEEKENDS?), though not grossly so. I currently don’t feel like putting in the “effort” (drive, park, walk a few feet, pay, sit) to go out whale watching (really just an excuse to be on the water for a couple hours) – but maybe that will change.

that’s all i’ve got for now – really just wanted to give a Boo update.


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PUHLEEEZE not another trip to Kitty ER!

Boo wasn’t very active this morning – no desire to go out.

Boo wasn’t very active when I got home – just stayed on the bed; no attempts to go out; no rushing to scarf food when I refilled the bowls.

I offered Boo a bowl of dry I/D (digestive) food, watched her start eating it, and resumed watching tv in another room. When I returned, my bed was wet in a weird spray pattern and Boo was visibly unhappy. Oh, lord, PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE A UTI!!

It smelled okay (really hate having to check that) and was clear, so that’s good. She was wet too. I’m currently going with the theory (aka: hope) that she was peeing on the bed (bad girl) and was startled/annoyed/antagonized by PCB, who’d just come back inside… and that caused Boo to freak out and pee everywhere. That’s it, right?!?

Other than being extra grumpy now, and the pre-existing lethargy, she seems fine. But they all seemed fine before going critical 2 weeks ago… so I don’t know what the F to think… except that I don’t trust the nearby after-hours ER and that I think she’s at least well enough to wait till tomorrow to see a vet (while hoping even that won’t be necessary).

GDI, FML, IDK, SMH… and all the other acronyms

(Later) FUCK… found another pee spot on the bed; darker than it should be. Definitely seeing the vet tomorrow cause who needs a weekend without drama?

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