Confirmed, no dinner for me

Called prime now again. New agent told me item was cancelled due to being out of stock. Previous rep fully lied. App did not provide any info about cancellation.. in fact it says it was delivered.

I haz a disappoint but there are far worse things in the world. And, hey, at least I got pie… more than many peeps out there.

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Place bets on whether I get holiday dinner

Delivery completed at 6:25. Pie and bread. Dinner missing. Driver doesn’t have it. App says 1 pkg and delivery complete.

Call prime now.. ‘oh.. yeah. 2nd package being processed from Sprouts.’ Uhhhh, yeah. Whole order was from Sprouts, that’s how the service works (min $$ must be from Sprouts or Amazon, not a combo).

Nothing to track online. Service rep was bitchy. I’m going to be REALLY surprised if my prepared dinner arrived tonight!

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Prime Now wins again

As a joke I started looking for t-day dinner in Amazon prime now. Not as a joke, a full pre-cooked dinner for 2, and pie, and bread for sammiches should be delivered between 6&8 tonight.

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Just what I needed


Milk chocolate covered cherry milk choc stout.
The sample in the background is kolsh German style ale. It’s alright

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I already arranged to return the tv

I can handle that it’s GIGANTOR, but I didn’t know that not all modern tvs come with wi-fi, and that’s a feature I could really use (given that I only have “rabbit-ears” antennae, not even one on the roof). Plus, my PC is on the living room table and if I tried to watch tv while reclining, I couldn’t read subtitles on the tv. And the whole thing just stressed me out. There’s a $23 fee for UPS pick-up but it’s the best option.. $23 for a lesson learned. Pickup won’t occur before tomorrow so I have all day to get it back into the box… it’s not heavy but it is a big clunky.

Gahhh… I just remembered that I have bras to return to a store… in a mall… after BlackFriday (cause I’m not doing it today). HELP ME. Maybe it won’t be toooo horrible if I go after work next week, before holiday shopping goes completely insane.

I already ordered a replacement tv from Amazon… 40″ (the gigantor is 48″) smart tv on sale for $299… extra $14 for rush delivery, only because I didn’t want it arriving while I’m at work and sitting on my porch advertising “STEAL ME!”

I should probably get a new antennae too. I find that the cheapie “rabbit ears” style work best but mine is pretty old and the poles are bent. And the old one has about 30″ of cable. The one I just ordered ($12) has 5′ of cable… lots more options to find the best reception spot (I’m currently getting only The CW, ABC, and lots of UHF channels).

I got about 50% of my re-orgs done yesterday. Burned out fast as the tv situation had left me oddly stressed out. Today was supposed to be vacuuming day but I think that’s gonna be cancelled. The microbrewery is doing its annual release of “Milk chocolate covered cherries milk chocolate stout (contains lactose)”, which is my fav beer – so heading there is the primary plan for the day. That and re-boxing the gigantor tv.

Oh, shit… the microbrewery already opened. I thought it was going to open at 2. I’m gonna shower and get my early drink on!!

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Just when I thought we had a break from the vet

Beba’s spaying and microchip went well – no stitches (I guess they used medical glue now) and she seems fine. But the pre-anethesia blood panel showed a couple unusual readings for liver tests. One is easily explained (I mentally checked out during the explanation). The other is not. I didn’t ask questions. I don’t know what it could mean. I just know we go for retest is about a month.

The rest of the kitties LOVED having open-door day… back to the old days of free in/out access while Beba was at the vet.

Boo was a barf-0-matic yesterday morn. Three large piles of undigested food. As near as I can tell, she ate too much and barfed, came back inside and ate too much and barfed… then repeated a 3rd time (bonus point: all barfing took place out back instead of her usual choice of my pillows). So far, she seems otherwise well and I still think she’s is “Moshi” mode, eating too much/fast after spending the day outside. But I’m keeping an eye out for health issues.

Odd fact: Boo has not shown a single symptom of arthritis since she was irradiated.

I’ve accomplished about half of my “vacation” todo list:

  • completed Beba’s vaccinations
  • got Beba spayed and microchipped
  • cleaned all the crap out of the car
  • replaced the car seat heater
  • got the cell phone-to-radio station broadcast thingie to mostly work (ideal setup requires a span of several unused radio stations in a row but around here literally ever other station is in use)
  • got items t charity (a bunch of size 14 clothing with tags still on – went to the women’s shelter; bunch o’ unknown crap (boxed long ago) went to Goodwill)
  • moved the a/c unit to the garage (it’s stupid heavy – I couldn’t get it back in the box; really hope the garage doesn’t flood this winter… or ever)
  • trimmed some overgrowth in the backyard
  • built the garden cart (really easy but now I have several GIANT boxes to go in the weekly trash [they won’t fit])
  • arranged trash pick up of some furniture (hoped for pickup tomorrow, when I’d have plenty of time to drag it out of the house, but it will be next week… not sure where to stash the sofa till then as I’d really like it out of the room today)
  • paid property taxes (both installments!)
  • laundry (including bed linens, which is a miracle because Espressa hardly ever leaves the bed)
  • re-inflated the car tires

I love-love-love the portable tire pump!! It was sooo easy to use: pre-set the target psi, connect to tire stem (easy screw on), turn on the unit and wait – it auto shuts off. Soo nice not to fight the stupid long dirty hose at the gas station! My tires are supposed to be 51 psi. They were 34, 35, 32 and 24. TWENTY-FOUR! And I was right, no more weird speed-related sound while driving.

I realllllly need to shave Espressa but I’m chicken-shit to try it.

I’m waiting on delivery of my new tv from Amazon [ARRIVED at 12:25p… it’s HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEE… like stupid-huge!]. Setting that up and lots of re-org are today’s todo goals: reorg purses, bathroom, makeup, closet, backroom. I’m debating about when to get the car detailed (“express detail”, $40). We might get light rain this week (tonight, tomorrow, Sat) but I don’t really care about that – it’s the interior that I want cleaned. This one particular place in town does an AWESOME job.

I don’t know if I’m going to bother to get any Thanksgiving-themed food for the week. Trader Joe’s is the best option for groceries (they have some nice pre-packaged options) but I don’t feel like dealing with the place. A restaurant sounds like a waste of money… expensive and dressy and ugh.

and on that note – I guess it’s time to start re-org-ing.

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Blarrgghhh, Netflix!

WTF.. my entire queue is gone?!?! Maybe Life is affirming my idea of cancelling my account?

I ordered an LCD tv tonight… one of Amazon’s pre-BlackFriday sales. How will I manage the transition to the 20th century after years of a 36″ CRT tv (which doesn’t even have an HDMI port) and a crappy little 19″ LCD that frequently POPS and switches to FULL VOLUME for no apparent reason? I won’t have cable or sat so while the pic might be larger & clearer, it will still be one of only a few available over-air channels.

Beba FREAKED OUT when I put her in her carrier today. I mean, FULL freak out, like she was fighting another cat. Fortunately, I had used a Feliway wipe and she calmed down fast but I still felt really bad. Her vaccinations are now complete and, since I have the week off and the vet had some open appts, she goes back on Monday to be spayed and microchipped. It stresses me out only because it means my little baby is an adult.

Not much else to my day – some chores, watering plants for the first time in 2 weeks (a week ago, it had been cool and the plants were still wet. but then the air went dry and so did the plants), an iota of housecleaning, and about 45 min of backyard playtime for Beba. I took a loooong, desperately needed nap (still groggy after 2 xanax when when I absolutely couldn’t stay asleep last night). It’s now after 1am and I can’t decide whether to go to bed or watch tv or.. what. FD wrote about a bird keeping her awake and now I long to hear a night bird chirping.

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